Silently Explode your Sales with a Highly-Targeted Direct Mail Campaign

A personalised campaign from Mail Dynamics™ can bring you valuable customers that your competitors simply cannot find.

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Using a combination of targeted and verified data, high-quality materials and an expertly-crafted offer - Mail Dynamics™ can help you to stand out from the crowd and run a direct mail campaign that converts prospects into buyers.

Can a direct mail campaign really revitalise sales and drive new buyers to your company in droves?

Executed correctly, we believe targeted direct mail is one of the most powerful marketing methods for accelerating business growth and claiming your position as a market leader.  You probably already know that many of the largest companies (BT, Sky, Microsoft, eBay etc) use direct mail a lot.

So, why aren't more businesses using direct mail?

Very few businesses are utilising direct mail and - speaks in a quiet voice - they're missing a secret!

Direct mail accelerates results, as it is almost infinitely scalable.

8 Benefits of Launching a Direct Mail Campaign

1. It's Highly Targeted

You can target your ideal clients with relevant and timely information - and can even vary the message to each recipient if necessary.  It's an ideal tool for generating awareness of new products and services.

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2. It is Personalised

Marketing experts agree that we've come to expect personalised information, and with so much customer data available, there's no excuse for scattered marketing. You can "talk" directly to your customers, by assessing their buying history - making your direct mail highly personalised and unique, and accelerating conversion rates effortlessly.

3. Direct Mail is Tangible

The average person is swamped with around 80 emails a day. First thing in the morning, perhaps your marketing email stands a chance of being read. But, later in the day, the email recipient is fed up with reading sales messages and starts deleting emails without reading.

Why put yourself in the position of just doing what everyone else is doing?

Imagine your client picking up her post at home, sitting down and opening your direct mail. Now, she's excited. She has something tangible in her hands. A personalised letter? A small gift like a pen or calculator? You've got her attention, and the best thing is there aren’t eighty other letters competing with yours!

Something about physical products inspires a sense of trust and reliability. It may be why the world still publishes hard copy and paperback books. We have Kindles where we can store hundreds of books, so why do we still want a book in our hand, with pages to turn? Because no matter how technology advances, we still crave things we can touch.

Suddenly your customers' eyes are on YOUR business, which exponentially increases the odds of them buying from you.

4. A Wide Range of Formats

There's no limit to the variety of formats available for direct mail. You may decide upon a catalogue, a magazine, a letter or a flyer.   It is also possible to include a personalised gift such as a calculator, USB stick, mouse mat or even a branded cup or mug for their morning coffee!

We can help you brainstorm creative ideas for an explosive campaign.

5. It's Measurable

All successful marketing campaigns must be measurable, so you can calculate the return on investment. It's easy to add a trackable code or unique contact details to your direct mail.

6. It's Controllable

When you commit to a direct mail campaign, it's 100% in your control. You decide on the customer targeting, the budget, what you send out and any other details. You oversee the shape of the campaign. Of course, we offer guidance, but we do the work to put it all together for you.

7. It's Cost-effective

There's a misconception that direct mail is expensive, but with prices starting from just 76p per item (ex VAT) - it's easy to tailor a direct mail campaign to your budget. The best direct mail campaigns produce results that far outweigh the costs.

8. It has a Proven Track Record

Direct mail is an efficient marketing method, as statistics prove. Barillance report average email response rates at a dismal 1.33%. Compare that figure to a whopping 9% for direct mail (source: Data & Marketing Association) - and you soon find that committing to a direct mail campaign is a no-brainer. Add that to the cost-effectiveness, and you're onto a winner!

Why Should You Consider a Direct Mail Campaign?

You may wish to generate more leads or sales, cross-sell to existing customers or wake up dormant customer accounts.

Direct mail helps increase outreach and repeat orders, as well as helping your business to create and establish a positive brand.

If you're finding the results of your online advertising disappointing and costly, contact us today to find out how to set up an affordable direct mail campaign.

Stand out from the crowd and do something distinct from your competition.

With Mail Dynamics™ it's Done For You

At Mail Dynamics™ we specialise in fully-serviced direct mail.  This means that we source, refine and verify the data (unless it's your own customer/prospect files).

We will then work to come up with an irresistible offer - writing and designing all materials in 300dpi format - and sourcing any accompanying items (such as small gifts, calculators, USB sticks etc) that are to be sent with the mailing.

Once you have approved everything, we'll send your campaign according to your timescale.

With no setup costs - and charges from just 76p per item (ex VAT) - now really is the time to get started with your first direct mail campaign.

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